Dr. Nias Origins


Dr. Nias—a brilliant, maniacal, dangerous, nefarious being—was blessed with incredible intelligence and an even more cunning tongue. At a young age, he was fascinated with the physical and psychological aspects of mankind. He dedicated his adolescence to his obsession.

In his adulthood, Nias became a surgeon and psychologist. His career made him wealthy. His ambition became resolute. He continued to study mankind. Eventually, the doctor found himself in positions of authority and control. No one questioned his brilliant mind. He was worshipped for his abilities. It stirred his desire. As the years passed, no amount of power or dominance could satiate him. His lust for omnipotence left him ravenous, and madness began to bloom within him.

Infatuated with the belief that humans have a different purpose than their singular hopes, dreams, and ambitions, Dr. Nias saw his patients as subjects—vessels to be commanded in conquest of his own aspirations. He began to hone his natural gift for manipulation. Deceived, his subjects volunteered unknowingly for his appalling research and unorthodox procedures.

Year after year, failure after failure, body after body, Dr. Nias continued to operate. Eventually, a breakthrough revealed what he had long desired—control of mankind. As the ranks of his mindless servants grew, his focus shifted. He would expand on a colossal scale; he would take his rightful throne. To unify his subjects, he covered their gruesome, mangled faces with a mask of no emotions, and dubbed them The Faceless.

Now, Dr. Nias is on a warpath to control the entire world, converting the world to The Faceless through influence and force. As The Faceless army grows, their haunting chants of "obey, kill, consume" echo through the night in the minds of men and women, a nightmare feared around the globe. Unfortunately, the darkness is coming for us all.

And so it begins...

​Dr. Nias Origins:

Written/Created by Dennis Ray Gee Jr.

Revised/Edited by Zachary William Campbell

Mixed/Mastered by Dustin Ford